UgaBus is a young mobility provider that is digitizing the way thousands of people travel in East Africa. As a combination of tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and Transportation Company, UgaBus is establishing East Africa’s largest intercity bus booking network in the shortest amount of time.

Thanks to a user-friendly booking system and an extensive route network, we can offer travellers the opportunity to experience the world no matter their budget.

We ensure the highest safety and environmental standards, through integrating/ working with only companies that meet certain standards, so that we can offer a sustainable and convenient alternative to private transport. We guarantee the highest level of comfort.

Ugabus Experience – our concept for success

Our success can be attributed to the digitization of traditional bus travel. With technological advancements like our e-ticketing system and the ugabus app, we have been revolutionizing the bus travel industry. Through smart network planning and dynamic price management, we provide our customers with great offers.

We also rely closely on partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises: our regional bus partners – often companies with decades of experience, are responsible for our growing capacity. This is where the innovation and start-up spirit of UgaBus meets the experience and know-how of traditional SMBs.

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