When travelling, one can imagine that there is a checklist of the things they need, Shoes have never been one of those things to be checked off.

A person always knew they had to wear shoes but they would not put much thought in it but here are the different foot wear for travel and how you would feel in them.


These are very comfortable when it comes to jogging but in case one is traveling for a long distance. They tend to become tight because of the heat or coldness that happens when travelling. So the best way to rock them and feel comfortable is if they are a little large and cannot get tight on the move. So yes you can put them on but they should fit right and smell nice.


These are usually very small and comfortable. You can never go wrong when you wear them, if you’re traveling in the night socks would be very good for you in them. Also ensure that they are comfortable enough not to get tight on you incase its very hot.


These are very comfortable and usually easy to wear and should be the most preferred by all travellers but they come with many disadvantages. When travelling at night, it gets very cold and therefore one needs very thick socks to cover the open parts. In case the weather is not conducive i.e. rainy your feet might get wet just in case you arrive late in the night and cannot find your way. So wear them if you’re comfortable enough to walk in socks.


A number of women I know cannot go a day without wearing high heeled shoes, I personally do not see the appeal in them but they work for them. But when travelling we should be cautious not to wear them unless you have an extra pair of flats in your bag because however smart you look, they will make it hard for you when traveling.

So there you go, it is rear for guys to think about shoes to wear while traveling because it comes easy for them so this is mainly for my ladies.

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