Most of the schools where we take our children of late have shuttles and this is very good as it helps a parent take the child to school on time.

But have you ever asked yourself questions about who drives your child to school at those wee hours of the morning or late in the evening. I was on the road last week and a shuttle driver was over speeding with over 15 children in the shuttle. Some of them will have good drivers, but the shuttle will be so parked you child might not be able to breath.

Before you start accepting your child to start using a shuttle use the following guidelines;

Get the drivers name; Most parents believe that when a school vets a driver, then it is safe for their child. But as a parent you should be diligent with the safety of your child. Find out where the driver stays so that you can easily check in on him in case the child does not come home on time.

Make the driver your friend. Treat the driver as your friend to make it easy him to look out for your child. the driver can go and ahead and help out the child if he knows he has a personal relationship with the child.

Show appreciation to the driver once in a while. This is in form of tokens to show them that you appreciate all they do for the children by driving them safely in the shuttles.

Get a route that is very convenient for your child to avoid waking up very early. Most schools start picking children at 5.00 am and for most children it is very early so pick a route that will make them pick your child at 7.00 am. This will enable your child get enough rest before they go to school.

If the shuttle is not your choice, you can consider dropping the child to school your self.

Safety is the first thing you should mind about as a parent.