Ladies and gentlemen, the festive season is back. And to many of you planning to travel by bus this post has the info you will need to make that bus ticket decision. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel conveniently to see your loved ones during the festive season. But with comes the flexibility of travel. Let’s call it Digital Travel. But why exactly should you rely on for your travel needs? 

The comfort of booking for you the travel bus ticket without struggling with the long ques in town.
2. Choice: avails you a multiplicity of choice. By entering your departure and arrival towns, the Ugabus platform furnishes you with carefully selected buses going to your destination. Name your town, and we got a number of buses going to that destination, that you can choose from.
3.Discounted Fares.  
We all have special people that we think about when going back to the village. It could the grand parents or even our own parents, our siblings and maybe our favorite cousins that usually we have to buy for the something special for Christmas. Buying somethings needed at home can really drain our pockets something we would desire to do away with. The fares during the festive season can also seem to become another source of trouble. Stop the worry and enjoy amazing discounts for your travel with
Imagine booking a bus ticket within three(3) minutes of browsing. Is that not better than your down town hustle of finding the right bus to travel with?

5.Money Saving. 
Forget the costly and risky trip of jumping on a boda-boda to go down town to book a bus, coming back to pack up your bags, and then go back to book a bus. Who still does that? Go digital with Ugabus .
6. Exceptional customer care services. 
Count on us for all your travel needs. With our well trained staff, you will never feel alone. Your bus ticket booked via is a pathway to the ultimate convenience.
7.Wide operator selection.
We are your ‘google’ for buses. We go beyond your ticket to give you the most authentic and reliable intel about bus travel plus everything else therein. We are unrivaled.
8.Secure payment gateways.
Forget cash. Come embrace digital payments for your travel needs. Onto of offering you discounted tickets, we also save you the hustle of carrying cash around. And hey, we soon introducing ticket credit on the upcoming new Ugabus mobile application. For now, pay all your tickets using mobile money and Visa card.
With Ugabus, you are special. We offer you a web and mobile application to book any bus to travel anywhere within East Africa.
Mary Kay.
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