A weekend ago, for some strange reason, I got obsessed with getting out of the city to some random upcountry town. It was a high noon and the sun was blazing down with unrestrained brutality so the moist in the bus encased us. The cool breeze poured in but not enough to keep the temperatures at bay and yet with no A/C, I could notice the unease of the passengers.

Traveling by bus is an ecstatic adventure. But this particular one was to be a walk in the woods. With the well-lit blue interior, the grey curtained windows smartly fixed onto their frames and the leather-cushioned seats gave off that nice vibe that we were yet to experience an amazing adventure.

The beauty of traveling by bus is unmatched. Often times, bus travelers have been imbued into a phobia of all kinds. One of these fears is the loss of property. But with modern bus travel, especially for bus tickets booked via the online bus ticketing platform Ugabus, there has been a careful analysis before the bus gets listed. Before the guys behind Ugabus can even list any bus onto the platform, they do thorough scrutiny on the modus operandi of the bus, its management style, its routes, and mechanical condition.

With the well-lit blue interior, the grey curtained windows smartly fixed onto their frames and the leather-cushioned seats gave off that nice vibe that we were yet to experience an amazing adventure.

Also, I later found out that, the Ugabus App has a set of features like the Bus rating where passengers can rate the bus after travel. Usually, this algorithm helps bring in real-time data on the state of the bus and helps passengers take informed decisions before they can book. You see, technology is becoming a powerful way to eliminate waste and the bus industry is not spared either.

A bus seat aboard Jaguar Bus. Photo credit: Hakiza Ronald.

Even as I took the window seat, one meter behind the driver and gazed lethargically at the serene environment, I could not help but marvel at the splendor of what bus travel is turning into. You can tell the comfort of a bus by the jovial mood of the passengers. This was the curious case of people on this bus. Jokes, hearty peals of laughter and the buzzing sound of country music from the bus speakers was so soothing that I could not help but smile my way into slumber. Sleep has always been my wonderful way to enjoy long journeys.

But not for this particular journey! About 15 minutes later, I was woken up by my front neighbor who wanted to throw a kavera(polythene) out of the window as she signaled me to open, something I vehemently objected to. Such littering is one of those things that bus operators need to address. There should be available garbage bins in the bus where passengers can dispose off any garbage they have.

Environmental bodies like NEMA need to take on such sensitization of the public on proper garbage disposal especially during travel.

Do you ever want to make use of your travel time? Traveling by bus gives you time to contemplate life, the universe, personal troubles.

The bus provides a perfect environment for reading a book, a book that stirs emotions and a sedate space for writing such an article.

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And remember to greet your bus seatmate, as you might not know where your next open door of opportunity could be. I one day met a veteran journalist with connections that later came in handy when I needed them.

And for simplicity, just browse online for available buses or conveniently search, compare and book any bus using the Ugabus App.

Wembi Denis.

Denis is a passionate writer with a curious love for adventure. 



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