A story is told of a young couple that wanted to go celebrate their marriage anniversary in a far off distant town, away from the noise and usual hullabaloo of the city. 

They saved so hard for the long-awaited day, put in all the efforts to search for their accommodation and spent a fortune on finding the right accommodation, right vehicle and also, the right guide for their far off town. 

This would be a fantastic gate away, so they thought. 

They got the essentials packed for the few days they would spend. Toothpaste, hotel booking confirmations, spare cash, emergency contact numbers, and phone chargers. They checked their luggage and everything was well parked. 

The d-day came, and the car hire company handed them the car keys, a road test was done and everything was on point. The car was good to go. 

Luggage loaded, the engine ignited and off they went.

Just about 3hrs into the journey, in the middle of an unfamiliar place, the car engine ignited itself off with an irritating smoke oozing out of the car Bonet. 

With no single mechanic available, no phone network to make calls and yet surrounded by a huge forest, it was turning into an inevitable journey. 

Rural African can be one-night mare under such conditions. Traveling long distances with a hired vehicle might not be a good idea. 

The story does not end there. That exact instance, they got robbed of all their possessions by a group of rowdy young village kids and beaten to near death. 

They were saved by an approaching minivan. 

Don’t be like this young couple. 

These days, such amazing journeys can still be enjoyed by using the public bus. 

Enjoy peace of mind and travel conveniently by booking that bus trip using the Ugabus platform. 

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