In August 2019, the bus sector in Kampala saw yet another in flow of luxury buses. I got a chance to ride in one of these buses and here is how it felt. 

I’d argue that Jaguar bus is a teenager in luxury travel: coming into its own, full of promise, and trying to figure out what it wants to be. 

All this despite the fact that Jaguar bus has been around for some years. If we count experience, then Jaguar bus might be the most experienced bus company along the Western route through to Kisoro, Kigali or Goma. But experience does not mean luxury.

However days ago, they brought on board a new fleet of luxury coaches which they claimed were the latest coaches aimed at giving passengers the ultimate convenience through out their journey. 

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Being a bus enthusiast, I booked my ticket via the famous platform and set out for the best route route I could find, Kisoro. 

How special is the new fleet?

Interior view of the bus during the night.

Designed with a red interior carpet, leather cushioned seats and visible 3 screen entertianments, a simple photo taken with the most archaic of cameras would still reveal th beauty of this bus’ interior. 

As the bus crossed through the ultimate Western Uganda roads, I could feel the comfort within, the low sound engine pushing the heavy duty tyres upon which the weight of the entire bus is fixed. 

A journey to Kisoro is about 8 hours on a normal bus ride, but the swiftness of these new machines were fast enough that in 3hours, we had reached Mbarara and by the 6th hour, we were already entering Kisoro town. 

Was that all?
Hell no! I needed to check everything, and it’s no surprise that I quickly looked for the charging sockets to bring my android phone back to life. I still don’t understand why the sockets got hidden beneath the chairs.

And yes, the AC fully works. So I obviously had to take a selfie 🙂 

As continues to work in solving the inneficiet public transport means, we shall continue to shine more light on amazing bus companies such that we can build the Uganda Bus Industry  into a self-sustaining, world-class innovation community—a productive, independent one, if you will.

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