Bus stations also known as bus terminals are usually a place for intercity or town buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers. In this part of Africa, we call them bus parks to mean a place where buses park as they wait to on board passengers for a particular destination.

Until recently, over 70% of Ugandan buses never had a designated place for bus parks, and/or never respected them at all. It was normal to find buses loading and offloading passengers along street pavements in the middle of a very busy city.

But thanks to a move by authorities, Uganda now has designated places for buses. In early 2018, the transport License board(TLB) working under authority of the Ministry of Transport chose to gazette bus parks giving each terminal a distinction between which bus could and could not enter which terminal. Let’s discuss for you the current bus terminals.

Namayiba Bus Terminal.

Aerial view of Namayiba Bus Park

Built along the Rashid Karmis road, The Namayiba Bus Park was established with the hope of reducing traffic congestion, ease accessibility and enable smooth identification of routes by passengers. Namayiba Bus Park handles all Buses leaving Kampala city for towns in the North, East, and Interstate(Out of Uganda). To create a distinction, the lower end of the terminal on the southern side sitting on about an acre of space handles all buses to Northern Uganda while the adjacent part of the terminal/park handles all buses going to the east. And for those travelling outside Uganda, just walk into the 4 acre-stretch facing the Namayiba Hotel. Namayiba is also served by 57 operational shops, 3 restaurants, 3 waiting areas over 70 licensed hawkers and 50 minibuses for city movements. Namayiba bus park also has amenities like toilets on the first floor of the Namayiba plaza, security offices, enough parking space for private cars plus a fully fledged police quarters. Note that private parking is only free for the first 15mins beyond which a fee of 2,000ugx is charged. The terminal is of tarmac to prevent slush during rains.

Kisenyi Bus Terminal.

The Kisenyi Bus terminal is situated in the heart of Kampala along the Kafumbe Mukasa road off Namirembe road. The Bus park is privately owned with a 50,000ugx charge per entry by bus.  According to the Transport License Board, the location of the Bus park was considered favorable because of the accessibility and ease of fleet operations within the City. Kisenyi Bus terminal handles Buses that depart Kampala for towns in Western Uganda. Having all  buses to the Western route in this place has made it easy for travelers to connect to various destinations easily.  Kisenyi Bus terminal serves approximately 60 Bus schedules, 2 comfortable waiting areas, paid-for washrooms, 3 restaurants plus a security office. Parking for private cars is also reserved but paid for per time spent. The surrounding shopping malls is evidence that travelers’ need for quick shopping is unmatchable.  Note that due to the busy schedule of the area, the speed limit is 20km/hr.


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