Travelers sure know how a non-decent bus can be so frustrating. Being a team player at, I often travel to Mbarara for work and sometimes personal issues since I hail from there. This frequent travel has given me exposure to the services offered by various bus operators; there are about 4 to 6 companies operating with a focus on the Kampala-Mbarara route daily and they have an estimated total of 35 bus departures from Kampala city.

All these operators offer varying degrees of comfort, reliability, customer care, hygiene, safety as well as fares. We should agree that in one way or the other, these different factors contribute to a traveler’s experience and mine with Global Coaches so far crowns it all.
Before we delve into the details, here is a fun fact about Mbarara I’d like you to know. It was known as “Kaaro-Karungi” so many years ago, which literally means, “Beautiful village”, now that Mbarara has been granted city status, we hope it will soon be known as Uganda’s most beautiful city.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be left behind by a Global bus;


According to a private study by , Global buses have an estimated 450,240 customers annually while taking into consideration the influx in travels around the festive month of December and yet it only covers Kampala –Mbarara route. You can travel to Mbarara at any time of the day and this is because global coaches usually have 15 buses stationed both in Mbarara ready to go. This enables them to have hourly departures, and almost always assures you of catching a bus that is about to set off as soon as you get to the bus park, more so most of their buses fill up in less than an hour and their tickets can easily and quickly be booked through the Ugabus Ap.


Generally, Global buses reach their destination on time, their speed is relatively good as far as the regulator (Transport Licencing Board) is concerned and traffic regulations are respected, however, a few night-time drivers used to over speed but this was greatly reduced owing to measures enforced by the regulator. Their trips usually take 4 hours and thirty-five minutes or less. If you need to attend a meeting either in Kampala or Mbarara that is just 5 hours away, you stand a high chance of attending when you travel with one of their buses.


On the issue of cleanliness, Global coaches have dustbins per row in all their buses, travelers don’t have to engage in the environmentally-degrading habit of throwing rubbish through windows. Furthermore, the buses are regularly cleaned and this will most likely give them an edge over the competition Post- COVID 19 since clean buses will be a preferred choice. 


Most of Global Coaches’ buses are new and you will hardly find a Global bus parked beside the highway because of a mechanical issue. They get new buses every season and they seem to be properly maintained. The last thing any traveler or passenger would want is a delay in their journey over mechanical issues.


Most Global Coaches’ buses provide luxurious and comfortable seats with charging sockets so that you are able to stay connected with your loved ones throughout the trip and also offer adequate legroom so that you get cramped up during the ride. Well, some buses in the fleet have sockets that don’t function and very poor legroom but we hope this could improve to enhance customer satisfaction.


Their fares are generally affordable throughout all seasons ranging between UGX. 23000 -35000. Owing to their sizeable operations, they are able to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale and offer competitive rates. Who doesn’t want more for less?


Global coaches drivers and conductors are often hospitable and practice high levels of professionalism in exercising their duties. The drivers follow traffic regulations ensuring the safety of their passengers and if the service is not satisfactory, the driver’s information is provided to the passengers so that they can report poor conduct. They also offer relatively good customer care although since I started booking through, I have not had to worry about poor customer care.

There is obviously still some work to do in improving their services and in the management of their fleet which invariably affects the experience of the customer but we can safely conclude that they still hold the reigns in offering superior value to customers. Stay safe!

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