Arua is a town in the northern region of Uganda which is also a part of the West Nile sub-region. The name Arua is a Lugbara word that means ‘On Prison’.
In 2012, Lonely planet voted Uganda among “The world’s top tourist destinations “and added that Arua town was a sweet place that contributed to its position in tourism. Further on May 1st 2015 by The New Vision, Arua was ranked the second best town in Africa after Cape Verde’s Praia under the “small cities best towns category in Africa awards.”

For those that have not had a chance to travel to Arua but have been to Fort Portal, you can imagine it as Fort Portal without the hills and for those who have been to neither, it’s a clean and calm city organized with a simple touch of retro and some architecture from the colonial times. There are quite a number of places where one can go while in Arua which include its prominent attractions like;
-Abairo and Whaa falls that are found in Kamikua village, Wandi Parish in Oluko sub-county.
-Alikoa pyramid.
-Murchison falls National park which is about 62km from Arua town.
-Tobacco farms which are about 12km from Arua town.
-Arua Golf course.
-Olewa waterfalls whose water falls about 10m form River Enyao and flows towards River Nile at the foot of Mt. Wati in Aiivu sub-county, Terego county.
-Ajayi Game Reserve in Enyau valley forest.

In addition to those tourist sites, Arua has got a number of luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars among others where one can spend their time and have an urban adventure.
The locals of Arua are very friendly and their hospitality is comparable to none. To have a full adventurous experience while there, you may need to befriend the locals to take you to some of their locally interesting places and as well participate in their activities for example;
-visiting the Ombachi memorial monument that was built in memory of the people that were killed during the June 24th 1981 massacre near St. Joseph’s College.
-climbing Arua hill which gives a panoramic view of the town.
-eating local foods from the restaurants for example, smoked fish in groundnut/peanut paste, goat’s meat, osubi (finely chopped greens prepared with groundnut sauce and rock salt and millet bread (kalo) among others.
-enjoying live Congolese music at club Matonge which is a ‘free to enter’ outdoor bar.
-visiting the market to buy or see stuff like giant mushrooms, dried ants (enswa), kitenge material, Shea butter that is locally farmed, simsim sesame seeds and salt-dried Angara fish among others.
-visiting Uganda’s smallest church that can only accommodate three people inclusive of the preacher.

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