At the bus Operators meeting of today, the following are the bus companies which have been allowed to start operations on the 4th – 06 – 2020 as directed by the president to
Gulu City and Pader town Via Gulu

These are some of the adjustments made and to be followed strictly by the bus operators without fail:-
1)- Each bus company will only send 1
bus per day at a given time
2)- Operations will start at 6:30 am
Closes at 2:00pm from either side
3)- Curfew at 7:00pm – 6:30am shall
remain a constant factor
4)- All buses allowed shall terminate
their travels in Gulu city apart from HMK Coaches Ltd to Pader
5)- No Night travels at all
6)- Each bus to carry only 39 people
7)- Bus fare increased to Ush 40,000=

Formula used to arrive at 40,000=:
Before lockdown official fare to Gulu
Bus capacity b4 lockdown 65
Bus capacity directed by state 39
There4:- 65 X 25,000 = 1,625,000
1,625,000/39————= 41,666
When rounded———= 40,000
Hence bus fare = Ush 40,000

The following are the buses according to their order of movements to Gulu:-
1)- HMK to Pader District
2)- Makome Bus Services Ltd
3)- Opit Travellers Ltd
4)- Gulu Coaches Ltd
5)- Roblyn Coaches Ltd
6)- Larem Safaris Ltd
7)- Homeland Northern Express Ltd
8)- Pacific Tours Ltd
9)- Friendship Coaches Ltd
10)-Posta Uganda Ltd
11)- Eagle Coaches Ltd

Finally, “Brokers” have been stopped completely from participating in any bus activity within the bus terminal

ContinueToGrowAndProsper. #Ugabus.

A Ugandan bus getting ready for setoff to Northern Uganda district of Gulu. Photo Credit:
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