Longbus rides for tours or business can be really boring sometimes if not all the time. But, with a friend or two and some stuff to do, the time can pass by. In addition, you can bond with other travelers onboard creating friendships. Here are a few things You can resort to when the journey seems to last forever.


Music hits really different while traveling especially when you are the only one of your kind on the bus, so it could be more important and fun to find yourself good headphones before getting onto the bus. 

A good playlist also makes out a whole experience even with the songs you know it can be a proper way to understand the lyrics or relate to them.


This works best when you booked the window seat which gives you an opportunity to look through the window, relax and imagine the stuff you’d like to see or you can write about how the whole traveling process is making you feel.

You can jot down every single thing in your journal and it would be more fun to explain the details.


Since the network tends to be poor and varying while passing through the different places so you cannot use the internet efficiently, offline games would be a whole vibe. Games like Candy crush saga, checkers, temple run or you can find the games that you like.

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  • SLEEP.

Sometimes we tend to get excited the day or night prior to the set date of the journey so the nights are usually sleepless. But hey, no one is going to charge you an extra penny for having slept on the bus so relax and have some rest.

You can sleep provided you do not make other passengers uncomfortable.

  • READ.

Reading depends entirely on the kind of person you are and what interests you. If you are a person interested in updates, carry some Newspapers to keep you posted as you travel. The religious person can carry a Bible to read and meditate upon the word of God throughout the journey.

For the novel freaks, find yourself that novel of a desired genre and get lost into it. It could be an action thriller, romantic drama, or history among others.


This works best if you are a ‘people person’ I mean, initiate interaction with the neighbors and talk about all the things that you find yourselves comfortable with. It could be politics, movies or business among others so just find what suits and do not hesitate diving into it.

At the end of the day if ‘lucky’, you get home having made a life time friend and you’ll leave to testify about how you met on the bus.


If you the kind of person that hates wasting time, time spent on a bus would be of very great importance to you. Outline the things to accomplish and tackle each of them or you can make drafts to continue with later since concentration can be a little bit harder to maintain while traveling than when off the bus.


If you lead a busy life that barely leaves you with time to meditate and reflect on what is going on with your life, use the time and moments you are on the bus to look deeper into yourself.

Meditate about the things that you want to have changed in your life, it could be your job, your relationship status, your health life style and much more.

And as they say, even wonderful people have room for improvement, this time alone can help you gain the lost hope, figure out a number of things, get new ideas and boost your confidence among others.

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