When it comes to traveling to the West and North West part of Uganda, it’s no doubt that the only bus that will give you a lifetime experience is Link Bus. 

The green and yellow high capacity carrier has dominated about 9 routes to the western region with a daily passenger flow of about 4000 people. You can only imagine why such a huge population entrusts its travel with Link buses.

Photo credit: link website

Yes, link bus offers it’s customers a number of reasons that are highly relatable to none and here are some of them ;


Link Buses offer the most reliable bus network with trained professional operators from their agents to their drivers. These struggle to provide the most desirable experience through their various services which include parcel and package delivery to their destinations by their courier vans to any place within their reach at any time of the day. 

Comfort and safety. 

Their belief is beyond profit as they strive each day to deliver people safely to their destinations since they employ trained staff that follow traffic directives and their buses are always in very stable mechanical conditions. In addition to that, Link buses have comfortable seats, a spacious aisle as well as on board entertainment among others. 

Affordability and convenience. 

The bus fares are a little dynamic basing on the drop off point of the passengers and are standard meaning that they charge considerably unless for times like this where there is a little increment. The usual fares tend to range from 15000 Ugx to 30000 Ugx. Though due to the new normal that requires social distancing and carrying half capacity, the fares range between 25000 Ugx to 40000Ugx. 

Link buses provide express bus services to a number of districts such as Hoima, Masindi, Mubende, Fort portal, Mutukula, Bwera, Kasese and Bundibugyo among others and the fares vary accordingly. 

Lastly, link buses were able to monitor the technological advancements in the transport industry and have promptly adopted the integration of technology into their bus operations to ensure reliable and convenient travels on a daily. 

They have introduced a better and effective way of booking their bus tickets to any of their destinations. You can now buy link bus tickets from the Ugabus App or Website or for more information about the booking system you can reach out to them for inquires on their Facebook page and Twitter handle.

And remember, you can book a bus in Uganda and have your bus ticket ready by travel time. Check out www.ugabus.com or simply book via the Ugabus App.

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