Today we discuss luggage. The ins and outs of luggage. The delivery process and how to make a bus be the most reliable means of luggage delivery from one town to another. By the end of this reading, you will never lose any item on public transport.

There are a lot of questions concerning luggage transportation which vary from the procedures of luggage transportation to charges. As we dive deeper in this particular piece, you are going to find the answers to your questions as well as some safety tips that you would want to put into consideration.

Note: All bus companies provide luggage transportation services on their various routes they take and their procedures and charges are almost the same for the particular items. Therefore, let’s start off by getting answers to these kind of questions.

  1. What is the procedure like?

When you take your luggage, to the bus park, it is received by one of the courier men who then weighs it and proceeds to put it into the bus for transportation. However, some luggage is transported by courier vans or tracks in case the bus company has courier services.

  • How about the fares?

The fares of the luggage are determined by the courier person basing on the weight, type of stuff being transported and their destination point.

Here are a few additional tips for your luggage safety on the bus;

Leaving the luggage alone at the hold of a bus is normally not a problem, but to avoid experiencing one of the seldom times when luggage gets lost or stolen, the following precautions are advisable.

  • Always put visible labels on your luggage.

This will help you identify your stuff easily in case of misplacement or theft. For example, if you have a name on your box or bag, it creates a first step to finding your stuff in case it is lost.

  • Take note.

Whenever you take your luggage to the bus park, make sure to take note of the person that is in charge of it. Also make sure you leave with a receipt that shows proof of payment for the stuff.

City traders are struggling to meet rising costs of transporting their goods as transports are reluctant to overload their vehicles.Photo:Cyril NDEGEYA
  • Only leave the bus station after the bus has left.

Do not be in a hurry to leave the bus park before making sure that your luggage is really loaded onto the bus and that the bus has departed. Sometimes it can be loaded and before the bus leaves, it is offloaded accidentally or intentionally.

  • Sit where your luggage is.

Sit below the compartment where your luggage is put and this is even easier when you book prior to your travel time from platforms like casino slots apk download deutsch android apk where you choose your favorable seat and are sure you’ll have your luggage just above you. Unlike booking from the office and get a seat far away from your luggage.

  • Pay attention to the people getting off the bus.

If the bus has stops on the way, pay attention to the people getting off the bus at those stops, if they look suspicious, keep an eye on the compartment which has your stuff.

Usually, a theft / loss of a baggage can be divided into 3 groups;

The first one is actually not theft, or at least not an intentional one. While traveling by bus, people often have similar bags or suitcases and since they do not open them right away, it happens that one passenger will take the wrong bag.  

The second scenario is when you are travelling on a route with stops in between, here it happens that people getting off intentionally take the wrong bag or suitcase.

Also theft can happen during the offloading and loading of the luggage onto the bus where people with bad intentions take advantage of the situation.

In conclusion, you should note that when a driver claims your luggage is too big to bring on the bus, please remember, the first and outmost concern and obligation of the driver is always the passengers’ safety, which can be a reason why a driver would not let you bring a certain size of suitcase / bag onto the bus.

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