One of the fastest growing industries in Uganda is technology with over 17 million Ugandans connected to a mobile phone and more than half owning an internet connected smartphone. Over the years, the impact of this technology has been gradual with so many solutions being created to make life better. Among these is the provision of apps to better transport in Uganda. 

Today more than ever, we introduce a brave collaboration between Uganda’s leading bike hailing app SAFEBODA with the pioneer bus booking app Ugabus. 

What does this mean?

The mighty Ugabus has opened up a shop on the SafeBoda App. Now you are able to buy a bus ticket to or from Kampala via the SafeBoda app at the same exact cost like the Ugabus app and and get that ticket delivered to you wherever in Kampala as you wait for travel time. 

Simply put, just buy a bus ticket via the safeboda app and get it delivered to you without hassles. 

This is ticketing simplified. With two different apps now selling bus tickets, it means you have a multiplicity of choice, better discounts, realistic reviews and importantly a peace of mind as a passenger. 

You can imagine how thrilling it can be when you don’t have to meander around in the bus park in search for a rightful ticket. 

Bus tickets app in Kampala

Beyond Ticketing

Thinking luggage and its safe deliverability? Think Ugabus! Our team is working hard and smart to introduce to you a parcel and luggage delivery service within Uganda. With this All-in-one feature, you will send and track your package from one bus park to another whilst being peaceful that the package gets delivered to your doorstep. 

This will be time saving, cost cutting and convenient making YOU the customer a winner in the grand game of things. All you need is to be registred on the Ugabus App, topup a small fee on your app and start to enjoy the amazing benefits of being a Ugabus member. 

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