Ever wondered what informs the choice of a seat on a bus trip?

At one time, I used to think everyone loves the window seat until experience proved me otherwise. Today, I briefly explain the notion behind each of the bus seats.

So here is what you need to know before booking a particular bus seat;
The Door seat
This is the seat next to the entrance or exit. It can be very suitable for mothers with young children since they always need to ease themselves and sitting at the doorway makes it simple for them to move out every time they need.

The aisle seat
This is the seat directly next to the bus corridor. It is the seat that highly favors the elderly people as well as people in love with spacious legroom. Since it is near the corridor, a person is able to stretch out without inconveniencing other passengers as there is large space for flexing.

The Middle seat
This is the seat for people who passionately hate swaying. It is the seat close to the Center of Gravity of the bus, it is midway between the front and back wheels. As the bus turns a corner, this point will travel in a smooth circle. That’s better than the front or back, where you travel in a narrow ellipse that lurches round the bend at the start or end of the turn.

The Window seat
This is the seat for nature lovers, young people who like gazing out of the window and people that can sit in one place for long hours and don’t really mind about legroom. The window seat can also be good for people with nauseous issues.
Your sense of smell is heightened when you are nauseous and this is even worsened by engine fumes, therefore one should either occupy the window seat midway or the aisle seat about three rows from the front.

The Back seat
This has been noted as the safest and secure seat in a bus. As noted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA). The back seat is furthest from impact during a collision. Therefore, highly recommended for safety during a bus ride.

Finally, the seats on the driver side especially in a 2×3 sitting arrangement. It has been noted that in case of an accident, the driver will try to save himself therefore saving the majority of the people thus making the driver side preferable in a bus.
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