By Claire Akajunwa

A few months ago, I got an opportunity to intern at one of Uganda’s fast-rising StartUps in the travel industry. My job role, plain as it sounded was literally to gather data, compile a report and then work towards leaving this startup a better company than I had found it. And that’s how I started my journey at, a travel-tech StartUp that continues to dominate Uganda through its iconic bus ticketing app.

I had heard about the Ugabus service of bus ticketing offered through the Ugabus App. Having been a regular bus user throughout my school days, I kind of laughed at the possibility of such a service being possible.  True to its mission, Ugabus has a standardized and centralized bus system in Uganda. But this article is not about my experiences interning at the iconic Ugabus. That can be found here.

However, allow me to share 6(six) things to pay attention to when booking a bus ticket with the Ugabus App.

  1. You have a multiplicity of choice. Over 200 buses, 60 routes and 100+ destinations, you are sure to find a bus of choice to any part of Uganda and East Africa. Start booking now.
  1. You book a ticket with Ugabus, you are 100% assured of your seat number and the time of travel Have you ever had to stand the whole day in a bus from Kampala to Kabale? The pain of standing 6 to 8hours while you have paid your money is unbearable. I’m sure this is not news! Now, that is not Ugabus. Ugabus gives you value for money. Your seat choice is well reserved. Be assured of the comfort when you book using the Ugabus app. As a bus traveler, you need your full rights.
  2. Assured of the right ticket. Well, this may sound obvious but it’s not as obvious as you may think. One of the reasons behind Ugabus existence is because the CEO once booked a fake ticket on his way to Kisoro for burial. Cutting the long story short, he ended up paying twice. Well, I hope he had enough money on his Wallet because at that moment, even the Title cannot save you! Ha-ha! Anyway, we shall get to hear his side of his story later.
  1. Convenience! Convenience! Convenience! How many times have I mentioned that? That’s exactly how a Ugabus client feels about the whole booking process. You are relieved from the stress of long lines in the scorching sunshine! The hectic experience of going to the bus parks twice with all the congestion and pickpockets (booking, then going to board) while you have some other engagements.

      5. Your time is precious my friend, At Ugabus, we are suggesting you maximally utilize the time you will have used going to the park to book (long lines and coming) by continuing with your normal routine schedule. All you need to do is to spare less than a minute, book the bus online from anywhere you are and get to know of your travel time and then go to the park. We shall get back to you for feedback after you have reached your destination.

  1. Well, Ugabus pays referral too. So if you enjoyed this, kindly use my link below to download the Ugabus App from play store. I will get paid for each person that downloads the App and uses my referral code to join. You benefit, I earn and you enjoy. You too will get paid if you invite your networks. Let’s all get earning, traveling and have fun. Follow this link to download.

                                               Proudly Ugabus, Proudly Uganda. Tulambule